Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Hooded Photographer

All photos by Hans Scott

interview with Hans Scott

Where did you take these pictures?
In Santiago, Chile

What else can you tell me?
Well that, recently from what I see, we've lost the fear of rebellion. We fight with both heart and stone

Things are still pretty spicey then?
Recently the guys have lost the fear of the government's reprisals which have been placed on to those that strike against police officers. Things are still pretty heated even though many students have gone back to class

How many have been jailed?
9895 people have been detained between March 1st and 30th August

That's a hell of a load - How many have been released?
Look, most are released on the same day but that's after many hours of being abused and humiliated

So they beat them up?
Well one time they smothered, felt and abused some girls

Do you consider yourself a Die Hard? As in one that doesn't give in and throws stones?
What as in a hoodie, well in a certain way I am allied to them. Im not a hoodie but a photographer, though I am on their side. I side with their fight and with their objectives, and that's what I try to reflect in my pictures

What are the objectives of the Hoodies?
The same ones most people want

That being free good schooling for everyone?
Yeah, the thing is that the hoodies fight in way that is politically incorrect. Many in society say it is also incorrect. I don't know if I should be speaking of anarchy, but it's certainly a radicalization

Do you think it's incorrect?
Not at all. I think the government satanises the hoodies and society unconsciously falls in their little game, of satanising the one that fights throwing stones. But what they don't realise is that the police also hits, shoots and kills. That's what you see on the street. And that's what the government wants to hide

Do you think there are parallels to the repression during the time of Pinochet?
Look I was born when Pinocchio fell, but seeing documentaries, photos and speaking to the people that lived through it, I feel we are going through something similar. We are still in a type of masked dictatorship. A legalised dictatorship under the false name of democracy

Well I am not sure I can differentiate that with any other country..but what does Chile have that Peru and Argentina don't?
I'm not sure but they should, it would be great if all countries joined in the search of social justice

It would be great but I'm afraid apathy rules
What I am saying is that the government fills its mouth with talk that we are a democracy, that it supposedly does what the people ask. Piñera goes abroad saying that we are an advanced country and that the student voice is being heard. But his change is only comes in favour of the multinationals and big business

Well at least you guys are united, your organizations are incomparable to the ones of neighbouring countries or even to those in Europe
Yes at least we have a structure. We have university and secondary school leaders and teachers also. They are the ones that take the demands onto the politicians. Although there are those that aren't in favour of with the leaders because they side with opposition parties. The root to the problem is the whole political class

In that they are elitist?

Including the left-leaning Bachelets?
Of course, during their governance for example they started the 'transantiago'; a 'new' transport service, that today is a complete shamble. Broken down buses and trains. Rising ticket prices. Not to mention that they also profited from the education system

What I find odd is that that battle is the same in most countries, yet in Chile you somehow got it together
Disparities are everywhere and often the same. And most countries are still gripped by capitalism where governments side with commercial monopolies before siding with the people

Yes but what is worse is that most people are turned off
The worst form of violence is shutting up and staying quiet. And of not saying anything while they shit in front of your noses

all photo rights to Hans Scott

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  1. Excelentes fotos de Hans y excelente entrevista. Hace un resumen bastante claro de las motivaciones del movimiento estudiantil y el por qué de la posición hostil que ha mostrado el gobierno y la derecha hasta ahora.
    Quién hizo esta entrevista y dónde se publicó?