Friday, 18 April 2008

Maracangalha plane crash and the runaway millions

there is a story in Brasil
in the North East
about a plane that crashed in the middle of no-where
near a village called Maracangalha
the plane was carrying $3,300,000
all three passengers were killed
a local radio reported the crash, saying it was 'a small plane operated by a private security company on behalf of the banks'
and so people came, on their droves like a lottery bonanza, like cowboys and indians, like flies to shit
on horseback, pickup trucks, cars and legs
*Cleiton da Silva with a gun on his motorbike*
first come first serve
shots were fired and pockets were filled
they all fled
and then the police came
there was nothing left
all eyes were turned to Maracangalha
in came the cops turning shit over to where they thought it was boxed
beds, sheets and kitchens on the street
thieves and fake policemen came in breaking arms, shouting for the money to be released
all this in a village with no sewage, door-to-door hell was leashed
three were killed
the cops only reported 10% was found
the rest must be far far away living it large in some far away place

Thursday, 17 April 2008

lesbos and shit

Lali : whats new
Chip : errrrrrrrrm
i seem to be sorting out lots of wedding stuff
Lali : whose
Chip : weddings weddings weddings
i've never really been to a proper full wedding
in my adult life
it's quite exciting
Lali : boring
oh i miss u chip
Chip : noooo
ah dear laliman
i miss you as well
how's tings?
Lali : im ok
booohooo boo
Chip : waaaaaaaaah booooo
Lali : no seriously im fine
tho i tell u what
Chip : wotski?
Lali : im living with a recently converted..

Chip : ooooooh
Lali : its hell
its like livin with a bunch of hells angels
Chip : oh no
Lali : all cleaky and shit
Chip : not just bi-curious then?
Lali : they all come round
and talk macho shit
Chip : oh no
Lali : shes become a nazi
Chip : does it make you be all flowers and sunshine because they're too aggressive?
Lali : yes, thats the weird thing
Chip : thats a good one lesbianazi
Lali : last nite i heard the sound of lesbo love
on other occasions i might have said wow
Chip : uh-oh uh-oh
Lali : a couple of milking cowws
Chip : heeeeee
that's the thing - my leabian flat mate is upstairs so i never have that
thank godo
Lali : see there thats different cos theyre fit
Chip : yes exactly - in theory you'd be totally up for the gal on gal
Lali : in theory
well any sex sounds is off puttin when yer tryin to sleep
Chip : well yes tis
Lali : more so lesborump tho
Chip : does it make you feel like a prude
Lali: yes!
cant imagine gaybangin
Chip : not natural mate
Lali : na its not
Chip : jokes
Lali : effin
monkeys im tellin u
u dont see them doing it like that
well apprt from that program i once saw
whatever its her attitude

Lali : in the meanwhile im making friedns w photographers
Chip : wot program?
Lali : some prog. about gayness in nature
more so to appease ranks
rather than pleasure
Chip : wot gay monkeys
and penguins
Lali : channel 4
Chip : yes i think that happens fo sure - a heirarchy
Lali : i wonder if that is anything like human nature den
as tho - u hate men so u choose to oppose
Chip : there was a thing about big ganster men in the hood giving and getting
according to their status
Lali : yes
Chip : but they were adament they weren't gay
Lali : they were just gettin tho cos they said they werent batty
Chip : exactly
Lali : but seriously
i wonder if there is a study
Chip : so are these gals all man haters?
Lali : i know im gaybashing
Chip : it's ok - you're bashing with the right person
bloody gays
i joke
a study in what way?
Lali : well there was one girl, the butchest one of the group, she was sayin to
another well you only say dick is ugly cos youve never taken one in, youve
never tried, its great she said
Chip : so she says she like the man?
Lali : bisex
Chip : never tried being straight?
Lali : still a lesbo at heart
Chip : straight-curious
Lali : na
Chip : so she was saying there's a fear factor?
Lali : i guess
Chip : the thing is really - if i was lesbo - i would want to be because i was
attracted to women for their femininty
Lali : well not with these
Chip : not to be with some butch dyke but not actually a man
Lali : theyre attracted to gormless figures
yes like your flatmate and her fit companionette
Chip : well yes
they are both very pretty
Lali : quite
he he
(that was a gurdle rather than a laugh)
Chip : i would say a good pair of lesbians
Lali : propa
Chip : a gurdle?
Lali : u wouldnt know
Chip : it's what you want from lesbs
Lali : mantalk
Chip : he he he
Lali : well - there u have it, lesbofascists
Chip : there it is
Lali : uptheir own arses tho they dont take it up the bum
Chip : or anywhere else for that matter
Lali : bit boring really
all clitoral
Chip : yes i have to say i do wonder
Lali : unless your into fist inserting
i was ging to say fuckin
but that wud be uncouth
Chip : you know i'm sure they can have alot of pleasure - but not the full spetrum
jesus lal
Lali : im sure theyd say some shit like that
Chip : there i am saying 'full spectrum'
Lali : just sayin it how it is
Chip : oh yeah i'm sure they would

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

I love these nothing pictures. Reminds me of a piece I once saw at the photographers gallery in London where on a large screen was the video footage from a front passenger's seat. The shot was stable such as this image, all you saw were the idle things going past. But the most amazing thing of all was that you had a pair of headphones, the headphones had a a large jack that you could plug into various sockets. Each socket a different radio station from the world, the most random music, hatian, chinese, mongolian, whatever, country, chat programs in french....etc

I keep going back to this piece as to why it had such an affect on me. The global thing perhaps. Perhaps it reminds me of when I was a child listening to the world service that my father would put on. The interest into the unknown. Sublime almost. My interest in languages. Sounds and even perfect nothing images. Travelling at ease with oneself. At once I read somewhere that it is when we are travelling, as in literally, the point between A and B, the space between, that we are really at ease with ourselves and can see within.