Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Im hoping this will be the final image we put to the streets. Im not sure of its original point, we were always trying to be less blatant, less direct. So as not to think poverty means begging. Im hoping this beggar might be seen as a zombie. Not a nut. And perhaps interpret it as ridiculing poverty. Or beautifying it. Or being pointless. This man was actually a beggar who confronted my friend Alan when he snapped. ACTUALLY WE SHOULD TURN HIM INTO A ZOMBIE WITH HIS EYES WHITE.
Its difficult to insinuate some sort of other reality, the 'others' reality, without you yourself realizing you have been conditioned into thinking what will make and impression or not. I mean to separate from your viewer. Yes I should have lived in the barriada and seen it for myself. Yes I still want to give cameras to little kids and see what they will come up with. Still, on a billboard until the spaces are truly liberated and burnt, these pieces have to compete against the language of commerce, using perhaps the same tools they use. SENSATIONALISM. For the moment I am looking at what will work and will not. Composition is everything. Later we can become more abstract. The colours you see are more to do with the palette of the 'foodstuff' which is ready all chopped up.

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