Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Boris Johnson: Toffs and wombats

Lali: hello Chip......
yesterday i was arguing with an old Brit as to why i hate boris johnson but i didnt have much on him
can u give me 5 reasons other than him being a toff

(TOFF n. Chiefly British Slang - A member of the upper classes, especially one who is elegantly dressed: “champagne, once a raffish drink suitable for toffs and weddings” - synonym NOB)

Chip: hello there
Lali: hello
Chip: erm he's made some pretty rascist comments in the past
Lali: so hes a bigot! I knew it

new mayor of London

Lali: Is it jonston or johnson like you
Chip: i'm afraid it's johnson
same as me
Lali: oh oh
oh oh oh
5 reasons why i hate boris
1.hes family
Chip: and he's made some homophobic comments, like comparing gay marriage to bestiality
Lali: rah.... thats kind of funny but wrong
Chip: he was once a bullingdon boy - in his youth
Lali: means
Chip: hang on i'll try find a pic

Lali: what did he say specifically racist

Chip: they used to get pissed and smash up pubs and say daddy will pay
hang on ont phone

Chip: hey
yeah, he's said some pretty ignorant things throwaway type comments like 'oh i love black people and their watermelon
a bit gollywogish comments, but alot harsher things i think
but should really check out exactly cos i can't remember before we go misquoting

Lali: watermelon smiles! thats actually quite funny! erm perhaps thats wrong
Chip: he's just so removed from life
especially london life
he doesn't really have a clue
i dunno - i think he has to watch it now and can't fuckup because there's been so much shit on him
it was west london that voted for him
south east and east voted for ken
all the rich areas voted for boris

Lali: of course
but i do believe red ken was currupt also, he isnt all blue ray and sunshine, he's a load of claptrap too
i need to find more quotes to bring down this guy in case this ex-pat comes along again
can u believe he then, as a comeback said to me, well you and i will be seen as toffs by most brits - he got me!
speechless i was aswell
i said na mate - im a chamelion! from Landan
don't know abat your bruf
Chip: oh dear
Chip: well lal you did go to private school
di'nt ya
Lali: yes yes
good schooling sir
But if anything youre just as toff as i am Chip
Chip: who's this guy anyway?
Lali: what is this toffness abat?
its like some sort of internal inward racism
Chip: er some people may say i'm posh because of the way i talk, but a toff to me a tory
someone completely out of touch with normal life
Lali: quite right, down with toff tories

Dickhead Toff Numero Uno

Chip: we are not toffs
Lali: Here Here!
we're middle class


Chip: :D

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