Tuesday, 1 January 2008


so here we are 2008

happy nu yar an all!!

last nite i spent it at the Bolivar suite in the centre of Lima - where most people dont hang out - though the architecture is classical - once the money left the skank moved in

so there we were, about 20 of us
dancing, singing reggaeton and salsa karaoke
drinking for the year to come
some five of us decided to go the top floor
(the top two floors being abandoned)
we went via lift
we had a small torch
once there we began to walk
complete darkness
darkness complete
looking for 666
we got 664
then 665
the guy with the torch decides to play around and turn the light off stop fucking around we say
we hold hands
friek out
torch boy turns it on and off annoying the situation more
its difficult to walk when you cant see anything - you only bang into walls
then torch boy suddenly really frieks - says he felt something
were sayin shut the fuck up
his face is white
we quicken the pace to the lift
we are all slightly spooked
calling the lift the lift doesnt come
torch boy swears that before he felt something

the corridors are long, all the doors are locked


then in the distance as we stand next to the left a sound comes our way

as though a small voice


then an angry grumble

we dont know what to think

... what the fuck could it be?

the grumble
gets louder


now we really friek

the lift still doesnt come

a hollywood scenario

the corridors looking like something out of the shining

the light doesnt reach as far as the sound

where are the stairs?

i never saw any stairs

someone does; we decide to run to the stairs

we float, we glide, we miss most steps

we get to the party room quick like a bunch of spazzed out teenagers


trying to catch our breath we try to explain
and i dont think ive ever been so adrenalin pumped

someone gives me the reggaeton karaoke mic so i can tell everyone

and so i say

the top floor is haunted

the darkness is complete

what the fuck could have been the voice that grumbled. a small gremlin perhaps. some drunk at peace but not with us. some dark recess from the past. I swear for all that moment I thought it was satan like when I was seven. As though all that had fucked me up as a kid was now glaring at me like a twitch.





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