Friday, 18 January 2008


Shiite missionaries, from Hezbollah, are said to have installed themselves in differect points of the Amazon, in particular the frontier region between Colombia and Venezuela.

Hugo Chávez has turned a blind eye at the arrival of Iranian and Lebanese “missionaries”, whose pursuit is to convert Guajiros and other indigenous people in the Amazon. One source goes on to say that the entire Wayuu tribe is now Muslim with their women said to be wearing veils, while their men shoot off kalashnikoffs, some even letting themselves be photographed with suicide belts on.

The area indicated is near the Colombian city of Maicao, an expanse heavily linked with paramilitarism, guerrillas, narcotrafficking and common delinquency. It is also an area with a large Arab community who, for decades, has dealt in commerce.

This same area is now seen as a sanctuary for extremist geo-religious-political establishments, which has now been given even further clearence since Chavez deported Evangelical missionaries from the jungle because, according to him, they are genocidal spies.

Hezbollah are said to be active in Argentina, Chile, Colombia El Salvador and Mexico while the backbone of the organization is Hezbollah Venezuela. They present themselves as Autonomia Islamica Wayuu and are led by Teodoro Rafael Darnott, who in the past was a Marxist activist and now a solid supporter of the party of President Chávez.

Hezbollah Venezuela has even had its own first terrorist attack foiled against the American Embassy in Caracas. It refers to its perpetrator Jose Miguel Rojas Espinosa, as “a mujeheddin brother, an example of strength and dignity in Allah’s cause, the first prisoner of war of the revolutionary Islamic Movement in Venezuela.”

Owing to Teodoro’s and the missionaries’ work, there is now a social experiment going on between the Guajiros and Wayuu Indians, Chávez's Venezuela and Iran. Chávez is believed to be in correspondence with Venezuelan ‘superterrorist’ Carlos the Jackal, a Marxist convert to Islam who is serving a life sentence in France. The President of Venezuela has expressed his appreciation for the "Carlos doctrine", which among other things provides for an alliance between Islamic ultra-fondamentalism and anti-imperialist insurrectionalism, in the name of their mutual hatred for the United States.

This also follows in line of Chávez recent declaration allowing Colombian terrorist organisation FARC – Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces – to freely use Venezuela to set up training camps.

Maicao - Omar Ibn Al-Jattab mosque built 1997


  1. The Wayuu don't live in the Amazon, or even close. They live in the desert region between Venezuela and Colombia... This story is pure fiction....

    To read Wayuu myths in English:

    Wayuu Myth 1: The Way of the Dead Indians

  2. Fools you do not know that Hisbolla is active in US. They have collaborated with Devil and managed to shake some part of US. Now both Hisbollah and the devil are busy wreaking havoc in the east cost by master minding hurricane Irene. CIA had beeen busy combing the sands of Iraq for WMD. FBI is busy counting the dead bodies coming from Afganistan. Who is going to protect the nations from Hisbollah who's head quarters is a stone throw away from Pentagon. Hallelluja.