Monday, 22 October 2012

Girl Let Me Touch You There I Wanna Feel You


He pushed me down on the couch on my back and slowed me down. I needed to slow down; I was trying to get her top off like I was stealing it.
 She climbed on top of me and put her forefinger over my mouth as to silence anything I was about to say. 

She said in a mere whisper, "Slow down big boy - you will get everything on the menu but let's start with a little appetizer".
 She was right - I went into overdrive like I was driving a Lamborghini, hard and fast. She was so beautiful how could I resist?

I did not have to resist because she wanted me to have everything on the menu - she just wanted me to "play with my food" first for a while.
 If humans were car engines then the females would have one prerequisite: HEAT IT UP FIRST. Men can go from 0-60 in under 10 seconds but the female engine needs to be warmed up and lubricated before they will run the big race. Granted some females love a good quickie sometimes but when it comes to real sex and real love-making the game any woman wants to play is FOREPLAY. 

(Capital letters to be read with a husky voice)

FOREPLAY is most definitely the bricks and mortar of a good lover. YEAH. A good lover is not measured in penis length or bra size. Good lovers do not posses magic powers or have hypnotic potions that create this aura about their sexual prowess. A good lover is about GIVING AND SATISFYING their partner through SEDUCTION and unselfish behavior. 

Nothing exemplifies this more than foreplay. It is the game before the game.
When two people get together for intense sexual pleasure they both have an agenda and fantasies on their mind. Even partners we have had sex with in the past can create new fantasies and desires. Experimenting is not only fun for you but your partner as well. Surprise the person you have been sleeping with by giving them a full body massage followed by a "snow job".

If you want a great example of foreplay - lay your partner down on their back and you go up and down their body with your mouth, never touching the naughty bits but everything else. Use your warm mouth to sip and suck and bite and tease their erogenous zones and lick them behind the ears or bite the top of their shoulders - literally devour them with your gregarious mouth.
You don't have to be a pro to "touch" someone. Use your hands, forearms, chest, elbows and even your chin to get into your partner's muscles and deep tissue. This massage and touch will relax and stimulate your partner at the same time - remember the camera is rolling.

After the massage, use SOFT strokes and touch to stimulate your partner. Roll your finger tips across their nipples and behind their ears as you kiss them and tease them with your tongue. When your partner gets impatient and aggressive during the foreplay it means you are doing something right.
 I know I am turned as I write this.

When you can't physically take it anymore - you must! You must endure the taunting and teasing of your senses because they must also endure you and your warm tongue as you bring them to get chills across their thighs.
Foreplay is as much of an art form as it is a "necessity".  Foreplay can include, toys, vegetables, cloths, tools, ties and even food.

If you want to watch a person spontaneously combust then tease them for an hour straight before you take care of business. Don't be afraid to experiment with sex toys and oils because both can enhance sexual pleasure considerably for both parties. Like a machine everyone needs to stay nice and lubricated.

OH YEAH...When she orgasms, tell her "Good did it" and make her take ownership over it. Her simply believing that she can orgasm will dramatically improve her chances of achieving orgasm the next time.

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