Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The Voodoo Warp Hole

Lights camera action!
If ever there was a case to make the final porn of misery, it is now. The vultures are flying up above, contorted corpses sent like foot-and-mouth cattle into giant mud pits. Exclusive footage of the orphan holding onto his short life between the cracks of two giant granite walls, he’s gonna make it! Amazing he actually had food down there.

The NGO’s and nations from up above compete for airspace; while the Americans add they aren’t controlling anything they are just the guiding force. The world’s eyes finally glance towards the direction of abject poverty that it usually cares to turn a blind eye to. Besides they’re already changing the channel.

But what for Haiti, a place hidden in the imagination. That forever pariah state living endlessly with its past, for which the quake has now also shattered.

Half the country believes in voodoo and the other half say they don’t but they do. Death becomes an important factor in understanding ones lineage and future.

As slaves, despite the tendency of the slave owners to give their dead slaves only the most perfunctory of funerary rites, slaves managed to succeed in taking over the catholic rituals. The mass of the dead became the only means of asserting and recovering their lost human dignity. By respecting their dead, their connection to their spiritual home was not lost. Families must forever stay connected to their ancestors.

What of the souls of the 100,000 or 200,000 dead? What of the souls of those that were killed and then laid on the road side as though they were earthquake victims?

How does voodoo present itself now where people begin to think in the wake of zombies, where bodies are reverted into their former slave condition, rid of the freedom a proper burial?

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