Friday, 18 April 2008

Maracangalha plane crash and the runaway millions

there is a story in Brasil
in the North East
about a plane that crashed in the middle of no-where
near a village called Maracangalha
the plane was carrying $3,300,000
all three passengers were killed
a local radio reported the crash, saying it was 'a small plane operated by a private security company on behalf of the banks'
and so people came, on their droves like a lottery bonanza, like cowboys and indians, like flies to shit
on horseback, pickup trucks, cars and legs
*Cleiton da Silva with a gun on his motorbike*
first come first serve
shots were fired and pockets were filled
they all fled
and then the police came
there was nothing left
all eyes were turned to Maracangalha
in came the cops turning shit over to where they thought it was boxed
beds, sheets and kitchens on the street
thieves and fake policemen came in breaking arms, shouting for the money to be released
all this in a village with no sewage, door-to-door hell was leashed
three were killed
the cops only reported 10% was found
the rest must be far far away living it large in some far away place


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