Thursday, 14 February 2008

Amazon Pyramid

Julian Haynes, 40, from Rugby, England, wants to build a 25-metre-tall floating pyramid in the Amazon. He says it will hold the world’s most powerful self development course. He has since renounced his previous life leaving his kids with his ex-wife in search of a form of counterculturalist mysticism that will guide us to a next stage in man.

A sort of new-age Fitzgeraldo has arrived in the Jungle.

Haynes’ carpenters are busy building the skeleton of what will be the first three floors of the pyramid. There will eventually be seven. Their designs however are not based on that of an architect or an engineer but on the visions Haynes had on Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca is a vine that when prepared and then drunk is said to connect people to the mystery of the jungle and open up other dimensions. It is illegal in most countries. For Haynes this connection between mankind and nature offers the solution to the current world problems.

It’s a long way from Maidenhead.
For ten years Haynes worked as an IT programmer for several reputable companies, the last Exxon Mobil. The prospect of becoming a manager made him resign.

In search of something lasting Haynes began studying artificial intelligence, but eventually saw himself a follower of self-help guru Tonny Robins, attending his courses around the world, ending up in Fiji on a course with a small select few, called Life Mastery - “Anything is possible if you mentalise it”

Haynes began reading Terence Makenna, an American etnobotanist, who acquired fame through his polemical theories on psychotropic plants and its effect on the evolution of human beings. Considered a charlatan in intellectual circles, Makenna wrote a book called “The Nectar of the Gods”, in where he describes his experiences in the Amazon. Haynes then, following similar footsteps, came to Iquitos, Peru’s Amazon Jungle Capitol to try Ayahuasca.

Haynes believes that the only real way for man to progress is through higher intelligence. Through his ventures on ayahuasca he says he has subjective proof that aliens are commanding the strings behind the scenes and that they are constantly communicating through a form of synchronicity in life’s coincidences.

Numerology, for this reason, is vitally important for him which is why on the 7th of July of 2007 he went to the pyramids of Egypt, smuggling Ayahuasca, to carry out a ritual asking the Gods for help to raise a pyramid in the jungles of Peru.

Similarly this year on the 8th of August he will mark the inauguration of the beginning of his pyramid.